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Vietnamese adoption lawyer practices in domestic and international adoption

Post date: 22-11-2014

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Vietnamese adoption lawyer  A Vietnamese adoption lawyer is a lawyer who either specializes solely in adoption laws and issues or one who provides adoption support as part of his broader practice in Vietnam.

  A Vietnamese adoption lawyer will assist prospective adoptive parents with their choices and options and helps them navigate the various local and international adoption laws.

  A Vietnamese adoption lawyer is an integral part of the adoption process in Vietnam and foreign country. Adopting a child can be an elating but harrowing experience for expecting parents. Especially with an international adoption, the procedures and paperwork can be a nightmare. A Vietnamese adoption lawyer is experienced with the entire process and will help smooth the emotional and logistical toll an adoption can take. A Vietnamese adoption attorney will not only file the necessary paperwork and motions within Vietnam, but will do everything necessary to meet adoption guidelines abroad, if necessary.

 A Vietnamese adoption attorney can help streamline the often complex adoption process. We shall be able to help unwanted children find a home with a loving family. Our Vietnamese adoption lawyers guide prospective parents through the maze of forms, regulations and legal matters.

 Have an interest in children and their welfare. As a Vietnamese adoption lawyer, we shall have to deal with many issues such as government red tape, adoption forms and parental fitness, not to mention the emotional stress.

 We have provided adoption services for over 15 years to adopting families and adopted children in Vietnam and several foreign nations. Our legal practice includes domestic adoption and international adoption.  We handle all kinds of adoption cases and also assist with the legal services in international adoptions.

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  • Thao Do (02-12-2017) Reply
    Xin lam on cho hoi toi hien dang o My, muon nhan chau ruot goi toi la co, lam con nuoi thi thu tuc the nao ah? Chau duoc 1 tuoi, va cha cua chau hien dang nhiem HIV. Xin chan thanh cam on.
  • David Warken (18-07-2015) Reply
    I am a single divorced 61 year old American male traveling in Vietnam. Am I allowed to adopt a Vietnamese child?
    • Hoang Duc Phu (18-07-2015)
      First of all, you work through either of two U.S. adoption service providers to facilitate intercountry adoptions in Vietnam (Dillon International, Inc. or Holt International Children’s Services, Inc.). If you are satisfied the conditions to adopt a child, you will submit a adoption files at Vietnam’s central adoption authority, the Ministry of Justice’s Department of Adoptions (MOJ/DA) for their consideration.