All procedures prescribed by law in Vietnam provides the legal advice, drafting service about the documents and procedures in accordance with Vietnamese laws includes: establishment of company, representative, branch of company in Vietnam, import and export procedure and civil procedures.

  • Procedure for consular legalization

    Procedure for consular legalization, Vietnamese lawyers, provide the legal advice and execute the procedures for consular legalization of foreign documents and papers for use in Vietnam.

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  • M&A:Procedure for capital contribution and shares purchase

    M&A:Procedure for capital contribution and shares purchase

    Introduction to the basic steps of procedures for capital contribution, shares purchase by foreign investor in Vietnam in accordance with law on investment, law on enterprise, foreign exchange management and related laws of Vietnam

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  • Corporate procedures

    Corporate procedures, Vietnamese lawyers, provides legal services on enterprise establishment, amendment of business registration, investment and investment certificate amendment, internal regulations.

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  • Import export

    Import export

    export-Import procedures and regulations on import of goods and services

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  • Banking procedures

    Banking procedures introduces the banking procedures in accordance with Vietnamese regulations

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  • Real estate and residential houses

    Real estate and residential houses provides information about procedures relating to business transactions of real estate,real property, residential houses as stipulated by laws

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  • Family laws

    Family laws provides legal advice and legal services on family laws such as marriage registration, confirmation on marriage status, marriage recognition, recognition of father, mother and children.

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  • Civil transactions

    Civil transactions

    Introduction to the civil transactions and its procedures

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  • Enterprises


    Introduction to the processes and procedures on enterprise operation

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  • Visa


    Introduction to regultion about visa

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  • Resident card

    Resident card

    Introduction to resident card

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