Legal services

Legal services includes drafting, advice and representation

  • Our services

    Our services provides the services: 1. Giving legal advices to clients; 2. Drafting legal documents for clients; 3. Representing clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings; 4. Representing clients in order to carry out related legal tasks;

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  • Legal services

    Legal services provides legal services with much experienced Vietnamese lawyers

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  • Legal advice services

    Legal advice services has well experienced lawyers who provides legal advices on investment, finance, banking, taxation, enterprise and civil matters

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  • Drafting services

    Drafting services has the professional lawyers who provide drafting services on civil and business documents such as contract, company charter, internal management documents of enterprise, lawsuit petitions, will, business plan, project for domestic or foreign borrowings

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  • Representative services

    Representative services has the professional lawyers and consultants who can represent on behalf of the client to introduce the products and services, to negotiate entering the agreements and to represent in proceedings before a court in Vietnam.

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  • Virtual office in Vietnam

    Virtual office in Vietnam

    Lawyer VN, law firm in Vietnam, provides virtual offices and office services in Vietnam

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