Registration procedures of adoption from Vietnam – specific adoption case

Registration procedures of adoption from Vietnam – specific adoption case to the foreigners residing abroad and oversea Vietnamese residing abroad

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 Foreigners residing abroad and oversea Vietnamese residing abroad need of specific adoption from Vietnam must submit an application for adoption at the Central Agency on adoption at their country to be licensed from the competent authorities before making application for specific adoption in Vietnam.

The object is solved the registration of specific adoption in Vietnam:

1. Overseas Vietnamese, foreigners permanently residing in the countries being contracting parties to an adoption treaty along with Vietnam adopt a Vietnamese child.

2.Overseas Vietnamese, foreigners permanently residing abroad may adopt a specific child in the following cases:

 a) He,she is the step father or step mother of the to-be-adopted child;
 b) He,she is the natural aunt or uncle of the to-be-adopted child;
 c) He,she has adopted a child who is a sibling of the to-be-adopted child;
 d) He,she adopts a child who is disabled or infected with HIV, AIDS or another dangerous disease;
 e) He,she is a foreigner currently working or studying in Vietnam for at least 1 year;

Registration procedures of adoption from Vietnam – specific adoption case

Registration procedures of adoption from Vietnam – specific adoption case

 Foreigners residing abroad, oversea Vietnamese residing abroad being subject to specific adoption in Vietnam shall be conducted the registration in accordance with the following procedures :
 - Step 1 : Preparation of the adoption dossiers;
 - Step 2 : Submission for adoption
 - Step 3 : Decision on the adoption ,
 - Step 4 : Registration and adoption celebration.
 - Step 5 : Certification of adoption.

I . Preparation of adoption dossiers.
1 . The application dossier of the adopters:  dossier of the adopters shall be compiled 02 sets, including the following documents :

 1.1 A written request for adoption (in standard form);
 1.2 A copy of the passport or a valid substitute paper;
 1.3 A written permission for adopting a person in Vietnam:
 1.4 A completed questionnaire on psychology and family;
 1.5 A health certificate;
 1.6 An income and property certificate;
 1.7 A judicial record sheet:
 1.8 A written certification of the marital status;
 1.9 01 set of dossier of adopted person.

 The papers and documents specified in clauses 1.2 to 1.8 must be made, issued or certified by competent agencies of the country in which the adopter permanently resides.

  Depending on the circumstances, the adopter must also have the following corresponding documents :

  1 A copy of the marriage certificate step father or step mother with their mother or father of the person to be adopted .
  2 . Papers and documents to prove that He)she is the natural aunt or uncle of the to-be-adopted child  .
  3 . A copy of the decision of the competent authority to which Vietnam Vietnam adoption papers and documents to prove that the adopted child is being adopted siblings intestine .
  4 . Papers and documents to prove the child is adopted as children with disabilities , children with serious diseases .
  5 . Certificate of People”s Committees or commune police , residence in Vietnam and papers and other documents to prove the adoption foreigners working , studying constantly in Vietnam time at least 01 years , as of the filing date of Adoption Department .

2 . Dossiers of children up for adoption : The file is made up of 03 copies , including the following documents :

 2.1 . Birth certificate ;
 2.2 . Health certificate issued by the district health authorities or higher ;
 2.3 . Two body image , look directly taken within 06 months ;
 2.4 . Minutes confirmed by People”s Committee of the commune where or police discovered abandoned children up for abandoned children , the death certificate of father or mother or court decision declared the father , the child”s natural mother is dead for orphans ; Court decision declared the father or mother of the person introduced for adoption for missing persons introduced for adoption but the father , mother missing ; Court decision declared the father or mother of the person introduced for adoption lost the capacity for civil acts of referrals for adoption but the father and mother to become incapacitated civil actions ;
 2.5 . Decision reception for children in foster facility .
 2.6 . Text characteristics , preferences , habits of children noteworthy ; ( case stepmother or stepfather receiving spouse”s stepchild adoption of this text is not needed ) .
 2.7 . Documents evidencing made finding alternative families for children in the country but failed ( as defined in paragraph 2 of Article 15 of the Adoption Act ) .
 Natural parents or guardians of the documentation was introduced for adoption in family life ; basis of documented foster children are introduced for adoption live in foster facility .

III . Application for adoption

- Adoption dossiers of the adopter : Submitted to Department of Adoptions filed in - Vietnam Ministry of Justice , No. 58-60 Tran Phu Street , Ba Dinh District , Hanoi .
- Dossiers of the child for adoption: submitted to the Department of Justice where the adoptee was permanent.

IV . Adoption decision :

- Ministry of Justice and the Department of Justice is responsible for checking , verifying records , certify children eligible for adoption and inform the competent authorities of the country where the permanent adoption .
- After receiving the text of the competent authority of the country where the adoption resident informed consent for the adoption of children was introduced, children will be confirmed entry and resident in countries where children are adopted . Department of Justice will present the provincial People ”s Committee decided to children for adoption abroad .

V. Registration and celebrated the adoption
- Immediately after the decision for children adopted abroad by the provincial People”s Committee , Department of Justice notifies the adoption in Vietnam for adoption . Adopters must be present in Vietnam for direct adoption within 60 days from the date of receipt of the notification by the Department of Justice ;
- Department of Justice to register the adoption in accordance with the provisions of the law on civil registration and organizational adoption ceremony at the headquarters of the Department of Justice , in the presence of representatives of the Department of Justice, the children are adoptees , adoptive parents , foster representative basis for children are adopted from foster facility or the parents or guardians of children for children be-adopted child from farming families .

VI . Certificate of adoption
Ministry of Justice certified the adoption was handled in accordance with the provisions of this Law and international treaties on adoption that Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party to send agencies , or organizations foreign rights , if required

VII . Fees:
- 9,000,000 / 01 case (Equivalent to USD430)
- Foreigners not resident in Vietnam paid settlement costs of foreign adoptions : VND 50,000,000 ( fifty million VND, equivalent to USD2,380.00) when that person agrees to accept children in Vietnam are introduced for adoption .

 This amount of money is not including expenses of services, traveling, accommodation, and expenditures arising in reality that adopting persons pay direct, even expenses for taking children abroad after being settled to be adopted.

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  • Sanjay Kumar Sahu (14-09-2015) Reply
    Good Day Sir/Madam I am interested in adopting a male child from Vietnam from a known person. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Sanjay Kumar Sahu from India. I am a seaman by profession & presently working in offshore vessels.I am married & my wife stays in India. She is teaching in a College as a lecturer. We have been married for more than ten years now & still an issues couple. We tried all means(like undergoing IVF treatment)to have our own child but so far could not succeed. Now I know one lady from Vietnam who is very friendly with me. She is ready to give her male child for adoption to us. So I would like to know the procedures for adopting the child. Kindly advise. Thanks Sanjay Kumar Sahu
    • Hoang Duc Phu (23-10-2015)
      Dear Mr.Sahu, if you want to adopt a child from your friend in Vietnam, it requires you or your wife currently working or studying in Vietnam for at least 1 year;