Procedure on enterprise operation

Introduction to the processes and procedures on enterprise operation

  • Work permit

    Work permit

    Introduction to the processes and procedures on work permit in Vietnam

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  • Charter


    Enterprise charter in Vietnam

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  • Registration


    File and procedures for enterprise registration

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  • Residence card

    Residence card

    Introduction to the procedure for residence card

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  • Merger and acquisition of enterprise

    Merger and acquisition of enterprise

    Introduction to regulations on merger and acquisition

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  • Representative offices, branches

    Representative offices, branches

    Legal news on representative offices, branches of foreign company in Vietnam

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  • foreign loans

    foreign loans

    The procedures of foreign loans borrowed by enterprises in Vietnam

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  • Setting up company

    Setting up company

    Information about setting company

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  • License


    License for business in Vietnam

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  • Certificate


    Information about granting certificates in Vietnam

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