Statement of Services of has a professial and dedicated team of lawyers and consultants. We deliver legal service to clients raging from large corporations, companies, and community orgnizations to small businesses, families and individuals in Vietnam and Abroad. The team ensure that their client is best advised on every possible aspect of law.  

Giving Legal Advice

Giving Legal Advice


Giving Legal Advice has the good knowledge and experienced lawyers who shall provide legal advice relating to your business, investment, civil relationship. Should you have any legal concerns, feel free to contact with us, we are ready to support you with legal opinions or persuasive document.

Drafting Legal Documents

Drafting Legal Documents shall support clients to draft following legal documents:

 (i) Internal management documents of the organization: statute, rules, regulations,

 (ii) Personal legal documets: wills and trusts, power of attoney or authorization letter,

 (iii) Business lecense: Application for business registration or amendment, Application for granting investment certificate or amendment,

 (iv) Contracts,

 (v) Work permit,

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution


Representing clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings shall participate in legal proceedings as defense counsels for detainees, the accused or defendants or as defenders of interests of victims, claimants or respondents in the civil case, or of people with related interests and obligations in criminal cases. shall also participate in legal proceedings as representatives or defenders of legitimate rights and interests of claimants, respondents, persons with related rights and obligations in civil disputes, marriage and family, business, labor or administrative cases or affairs as well as in other cases and affairs specified by law.

Client Service Representative

Client Service Representative


Representing clients in order to carry out related legal tasks:

 - Representing non resident client to handle import, export investment activities and civil matters in Vietnam.

 - Representing client to do business activities, handle civil matters in Vietnam.

 - Representing organizations and individual to submit an application for protection of intellectual property rights.