Legal services on divorce in Vietnam

Our law office has a team of Vietnamese divorce lawyers who provide legal services on divorce in Vietnam, which help you carrying out all your divorce procedures in Vietnam.

Legal services on divorce in Vietnam

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When terminating a marriage, many legal aspects must be addressed. When provide legal services on divorce in Vietnam, A Vietnamese divorce lawyer is responsible for helping the following matters:

- A Vietnamese divorce lawyer helps filing for divorce
- A Vietnamese divorce lawyer helps the division of assets and debt among spouses.
- A Vietnamese divorce lawyer helps set the terms for child custody and child support if there are children involved.
- A Vietnamese divorce lawyer conducts thorough research in order to gather supporting evidence in each case.
- A Vietnamese divorce lawyer must compile detailed paperwork and then submit to the court documenting the evidence. 
- For legal separations, a Vietnamese divorce lawyer carries out the separation through court orders.
- A Vietnamese divorce lawyer helps divorce mediation come to a sensible divorce agreement that meets both of your needs.
- Others works to provide legal services on divorce in Vietnam

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  • Alexander (20-10-2019) Reply
    My wife is crazy. I am always accused of things I did not do. After 6 years of this I have lost all love. I recently married her to try to show alkl her accusations were false. She brings up 6 years of things she says I did and this is not love but hate. Her only trophy is that she is married to a foreigner. She has no skill and no education. I can”t do this anymore. Will someone contact me so we can talk. I bought an apartment 2 years ago in my name only. We were married about 6 months ago. She say”s everything is hers. Please contact me and lets talk.
  • Ri Wei (28-05-2019) Reply
    How to proceed with the divorce with my vietnamese wife in HCMC?
  • Jose (12-04-2019) Reply
    I need meet you as soon as possible
  • Charles Ray Thiem (11-07-2018) Reply
    I am an American citizen living in Viet Nam. My Vietnamese wife and I were married in Can Tho. We have decided to divorce. Can you give me a brief outline of what we must do to divorce? Approximately how long would the divorce take to be finalized? We have only been married for a little over two years. We own nothing jointly. In fact, neither of us owns any property such as a home or a vehicle. What is an approximate cost your firm would charge to help us with the divorce? Please email me. I will be happy to provide additional details or answer any questions you might have concerning this matter. Charlie
  • pat archer (06-07-2018) Reply
    Hi I”m inquiring about my divorce case in vietnam, Ho-chi-min city. I”m looking for a lawyer who can represent me and handle the court. I wanna hear how much will be cost in general first befroe decide. Im residing in Canada. Let me hear from you. Thanks
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