Intellectual property (IP) legal services

LAWYER VIETNAM LAW FIRM has a team of Vietnamese Lawyers practicing in intellectual property law who provide professional and assorted IP legal services.

Intellectual property (IP) legal services

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LAWYER VIETNAM LAW FIRM provides IP legal services include:

1. Enforcement of IP rights including trademarks, trade names, copyrights and related rights, trade secrets,  geographical indications, plant varieties and other rights not covered by the IP law domain names, technology transfer, franchising rights through:

 o IP Registration
 o IP Licensing
 o IP Litigation
 o IP Dispute resolution
 o IP legal advice

2.  Anti-counterfeiting programs
3. Copyright
4. Intellectual Property Agreements, Audits and deals
5. Drafting of IP-related agreements including licences and assignments

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  • Ryan Wallace Haines (29-07-2017) Reply
    I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is vietnameee. We were married in Canada. We have been separated for 18months. I wish to begin the procedure of obtaining a divorce in Vietnam and wish to have tge support of a lawyer in order to understand the proper procedure and protect my rights. Thanks