Representative proceedings before a Court

Our law firm has the professional barristers and advocates who can represent the client in the civil, economic, labor, administrative and criminal courts.

Representative proceedings before a Court

  • Code:Barristers
  • Service Fee:20,000,000 vnđ

Our barristers who are specialists in advocacy and represent individuals or organisations in court. They are independent sources of legal advice and can advise clients on their case. They plead the case on behalf of the client.

Barristers specialise in particular areas of law such as:
• criminal law;
• real estate business law;
• commercial law;
• enterprise law;
• marriage and family law;
• civil law.

Our barristers are generally involved in the following tasks:
• taking instruction from clients;
• understanding and interpreting the law;
• mastering and managing legal briefs (cases);
• undertaking legal research into relevant points of law;
• writing opinions and advising clients and other professionals;
• preparing cases for court, including holding client conferences, preparing legal arguments, etc.;
• advising clients on matters of law and evidence and the strength of their case;
• representing clients in court;
• presenting arguments in court;
• examining and cross-examining witnesses;
• summing up the reasons why the court should support their client”s case;
• drafting legal documents;
• negotiating settlements.

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