Drafting lawsuit petition

Lawsuit petition is the most important factor for acceptance of the Court. Lawyervn.net will support you drafting a lawsuit petition, give legal advice and carry out related procedures. Lawyervn.net just participates in the civil procedure as request.

Drafting lawsuit petition

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Lawyervn.net will drafting lawsuit petition in compliance with provisions of laws include the following principal contents:

a) Date of its making;
b) Name of the court receiving the lawsuit petition;
c) Name and address of the litigator;
d) Name and address of the person with his/her rights and interests to be protected;
e) Name and address of the person who is sued;
f) Name(s) and address(es) of persons(s) with related rights and obligations, if any;
g) Specific matters requested to be settled by the court against the defendant, the persons(s) with related rights and obligations;
h) Names and addresses of witnesses, if any;
i) Documents and evidences to prove that the lawsuit petition is well-grounded and lawful;
j) Other information which the litigator deems necessary for the resolution of the case;
k) The lawsuit petition must be signed or fingerprinted by the individual being the litigator; or signed or stamped by the lawful representative of the agency or organization being the litigator.

Lawyervn.net willo support you drafting lawsuit petiion in line with the case details, free consultation and just only participate in the civil procedures as request. 

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