Procedures for product self-declaration in Vietnam

Procedures for product self-declaration in Vietnam as per Decree No.15/2018/NĐ-CP dated 2nd February, 2018 of Government (Decree 15)

Post date: 05-05-2021

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Procedures for product self-declaration in Vietnam

Procedures for product self-declaration in Vietnam

I.Product self-declaration in Vietnam

1. Food manufacturers and food sellers (hereinafter referred to as “suppliers”) shall prepare self-declaration of pre-packaged processed foods, food additives, food processing aids, food containers, primary packages of foods (hereinafter referred to as “products”) other than the commodities specified in Clause 2 of this Article and Article 6 of this Article.

2. Products, raw materials that are manufactured or imported for production or processing of exports or internal production and are not sold domestically are exempt from self-declaration.

II.. Self-declaration procedures in Vietnam and documents required:

1. Self-declaration documents include:

a) The self-declaration form (Form No. 01 in Appendix I of Decree 15);
b) Original copy or certified true copy of the food safety data sheet issued within 12 months before the self-declaration is made by an designated laboratory or a laboratory complying with ISO 17025; the data sheet must specify safety indicators prescribed by the Ministry of Health according to risk management principles under international regulations (or standards applied by the supplier if relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health are not available).

2. Self-declaration procedures in Vietnam:

a) The self-declaration shall be posted through mass media or the producer’s website or premises; 01 copy of the self-declaration shall be submitted, directly or by post, to regulatory authority designated by the People’s Committee of the province (hereinafter referred to as “receiving authority”);

b) Right after the self-declaration is submitted, the supplier is entitled to manufacture and sell the product and assume full responsibility for the safety of such product;

c) The receiving authority shall post the self-declaration and the product names therein on its website.
If the supplier has more than one factory that produces the same product, self-declaration documents shall be submitted to the regulatory authority of one of the provinces of the supplier’s choice. Once selected, self-declaration documents shall be submitted to the same authority.

3. Self-declaration documents must be written in Vietnamese language; documents in other languages must be translated into Vietnamese language and notarized. The documents must be unexpired when the self-declaration is submitted.

4. In case of change to the product name, origin or ingredients, the supplier shall submit another self-declaration. In case of other changes, the supplier shall submit a written notification to the receiving authority and is entitled to carry on the production or sale of the product afterwards.

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